Grow with us

Become a vigneron and help us cultivate. 
A great gift for someone who enjoys good wine and wants to learn more about the vine-to-wine process.


For a one-time fee of $250, you may adopt a row of our grapevines. Pick the varietal and row number–perhaps you have a special date or type of wine you love. For owners, Heather and Bruce, they were married on January 1 and Heather loves Chardonnay, so they have adopted row 1 of our Chardonnay.

Maybe you wish to celebrate a company/firm milestone, a college graduate, a marriage 
proposal or an important birthday! Watch the growing process, learn how to prune from 
our Vineyard Manager, and participate in harvesting your row. 


A personalized, engraved plaque on your row post identifying your row 

An annual commemorative photograph of you with your row of vines 

Two complimentary tastings every time you visit First Colony 

Two complimentary tickets to First Colony’s Harvest Festival the first year you adopt and 20% off Harvest Festival tickets in subsequent years 

Participate in harvesting your row and learn about the process used to turn your grapes into wine 

15% discount on wine and gift shop items* 

15% discount on online wine purchases*

Recognition on First Colony’s website as a participant in the Adopt-A-Vine Program 

Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, Vine Times, featuring important information about our wines and vines; notes from the Winemaker, General Manager, or Vineyard Manager; food/wine pairings, recipes; and much more

*May not be combined with any other discounts. Highest percentage discount to which you are entitled will be honored.

Adopt A Vine

Pick your varietal and what you would like your plaque to say.
Please look at the vineyard map & already adopted rows below.

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Vineyard Map

Adopt-A-Vine Members

Cabernet Franc

Row 1:  Chris Hamilton
Row 2:  Jill and Adam Wolfe
Row 4:  Reserved
Row 5:  Beth and Tom Howell
Row 7:  Ann and Kevin Hyde
Row 8:  Bob and Margie Moore
Row 10:  Peter and Jess Dimmick
Row 13:  Jon Bonner
Row 14:  Mike and Tracy Hicks

Cabernet Sauvignon

Row 1:  Chris Hamilton
Row 2:  Tim O'Leary & Courtney Freed
Row 9:  Jennifer & Jason Schwabline
Row 10:  Don and Angela Creech
Row 18:  Steve Biegler
Row 20:  Sally McConnell


Row 1:  Bruce and Heather Spiess
Row 2:  Stephanie Bittner & Devin Crosby
Row 3-4:  Nan Mack
Row 5:  Andi Korte
Row 7:  Kimberly Robertson
Row 10:  Sean and Melissa Sherrod
Row 14: Binnie & Lee Crabtre
Row 16: Matt Niznik and Kathleen Warrell
Row 17:  Randy and Tara Birchfield
Row 20: Elise and Adam Ruemmler


Row 1: Kyle Baker & Katie Garman
Row 4: Michael Budlong
Row 10: Brad Souder
Row 13: Rob Kavanaugh & Meg Harris
Row 27: Tim & Rhonda Beasley



Petit Verdot

Row 1-3:  Jeffrey Miller
Row 4: The Driggs Family
Row 5:  Ruggles Service Corporation in Honor of John A. Hinckley
Row 6: Van Fitzgerald & Laura Roszell
Row 7:  Ted Santarella
Row 9:  Paula Matis and Ruth Christian
Row 10:  Steven and Rhoni Rader
Row 11: Brian Craig
Row 12: John and Ann Shoemaker
Row 13: Sherry and J.R. Roby
Row 14: Jack Stern


Row 10: Abby & Alan Honig