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Heather A Spiess


Heather is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Ruggles Service Corporation, a multi-association management company in Richmond, VA, established in 1974 by her father who passed away in 2006. She has been employed at Ruggles since 1999 and has owned the company with her brother since 2002. A dance major at Hollins College, she has lived in the Richmond area since she was 8 and has roots that run deep in Virginia. Heather’s son, Austin Hamilton (Certified Wine Specialist) is the Vineyard Manager at First Colony; and it is Austin’s interest in viticulture, enology and specifically the Virginia wine industry which piqued Heather and Bruce’s interest in taking on a new venture: owning a Virginia winery. Heather and Bruce, along with their partner, Jeff Miller, are very excited about this adventure and look forward to becoming a part of the fast-growing Virginia wine industry.