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National Foundation for Transplant Event in Honor of Jessica Davis

  • First Colony Winery 1650 Harris Creek Rd Charlottesville, VA 22902 (map)

First Colony Winery and American Legion Post 156 are co-hosting a Benefit Raffle to support a kidney transplant for Jessica Davis. All funds are collected by and distributed through National Foundation for Transplants. Tickets are available online.

Who is Jess Davis?

Jessica Davis is awaiting a new lease on life. She began showing symptoms of kidney disease when she was only three years old. Despite undergoing a variety of tests for many years, she didn’t receive a diagnosis until she was sixteen. At that time, Jessica experienced sudden and profound hearing loss. She was then diagnosed with Alport Syndrome, a rare, genetic kidney disease that is known to cause hearing loss, eyesight issues, and kidney failure. Jessica’s illness leaves her very tired and takes a toll on her quality of life. Her kidney function has deteriorated over the years and doctors say a kidney transplant is necessary for her survival.

During this difficult time, Jessica is thankful for the love and support of her partner, Ian, and their family and friends. She looks forward to receiving a transplant that will give her back her energy and allow her to be the active young woman she longs to be. When her health allows, she enjoys aerial dance, kayaking, and hiking. Jessica wants nothing more than to be healthy again and enjoy life with her family and friends—she’s especially looking forward to going out to dinner with them and no longer being on a restricted diet.

Previously, Jessica had multiple jobs because she enjoys variety in her work and likes spending time helping others. Her health issues have forced her to cut back on working like she did before. Although she enjoys her present position as a barista, she longs for more meaningful work. Once she receives her transplant, she plans to go back to school and become a certified American Sign Language interpreter. But right now, she needs your help.