Bradford Mccarthy

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Bardford Mccarthy

Director of Operations & Winemaker
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First Colony is very excited to have Brad McCarthy spearheading its renovations, winemaking and new vision. Brad was born in Palo Alto, California but moved to Charlottesville as a toddler, bringing the California wine-bug of the 1970s with him. The 2014 harvest marks Brad's 27th year in winemaking. He is known as one of Virginia's winemakers that made winemaking in Virginia viable. Over the last three decades, he has been involved in starting some of Virginia's most respected wineries, either as a winemaker or consultant. His skill and passion have been instrumental in earning Virginia wines the respect they now have. His wines have won numerous awards, including those that took the Governor's Cup two years running when he was with White Hall Vineyards. Brad has worked in Virginia, California, France, and South Africa; and he has collaborated with winemakers worldwide. Brad's style has always been to let the fruit express itself and find its full potential. His intuitive palate--one that has made him legendary in local blind tastings--is one of our most valuable assets.